Bespoke Calligraphy, For Bespoke Stories

Everyone has a unique story to tell. 

We've had the honour to speak to these 4 beautiful individuals about their personal inspirations, aspirations as well as their strange oddities, eccentricities and life mantra, in relation to their bespoke 3D-printed jewellery by TINKR. 

Here's presenting to you Kimberly Wang | Radio DJ at 987FM

Peggy Chang | Lady Boss of Tiramisu Hero

Peggy lets the cat out of the bag on keeping the relationship alive! We can't stop oooh-ing and ahhh-ing. 

Tiffany Lovage | Artist & Illustrator

This woman has the talents many would swoon over. From ridiculously detailed illustrations to spending butt numbing hours on a full back henna tattoo, she is capable of all of the above, you get the gist. 

Rennie Peen | Floral Elf at The Flower Library

Sweetheart Rennie reveals what's closest to her heart.