Coffee in Bed | Part 1 of 5 Teasers for eve by Eve Tan

A series of teasers for a local fashion brand eve by Eve Tan
Imagine having 48 hours in a day, and you do everything at your own time. Imagine a world where time doesn't exist.

You wake up to an alluring scent of lavender and coffee and not an alarm clock. You're cloaked in knitted luxury beneath fluffy sheets. There's no agenda for the day, so you head out with your trusty two-wheels and cycle aimlessly. There is no one, but you and the wind. Lalang fields forever as they say, you find a spot for a midday break. Rays of the sun gently play on your skin as you reflect on what's to come. You hear the calming music of crashing waves, and that familiar breezy scent. Then made your way over so that your toes can play in salted waters for as long as you wish. That, is eve by Eve Tan. 

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